I Switched Over To Ergon Grips For Biking

Bike riding is probably my favorite thing to do. When I first go on my little tricyle as a toddler, I knew that I wanted to ride forever. I go bike riding every weekend with my friends, and sometimes by myself. I am really into getting the best bike gear because I think having high-quality gear really enhances my biking experience. I have gone on numerous bikathons, and I have explored many bike trails. So bike riding is really a passion of mine.

One of the things that really affect my riding experience is the grip that I use on my ergon handlebars. In the past, after riding for a while, my fingers would feel numb. My hands and my forearms end up aching for days. One of my biking buddies said that is probably the grips that I had on my handlebars were not right for me. I had been using an ergon grip shifters that really was not very comfortable, especially for long rides. My buddy said that he had been using using grips from Ergon, and they made a ton of difference in how his hands and arms felt during and after his rid. I tried the Ergon grips, and I can see why he likes them.

Ergon is all about ergonomics in biking. Riding is more that just sitting on top you your bike and pedaling. If I am riding for miles at a time, I have to make sure that I stay comfortable when I am on my bike. An ergonomic bike grip can help me achieve that.

Ergon makes a wide range of bicycle grips for every style of riding. Everyone’s riding style and hand shapes are different. Ergon’s wide selection enables any rider to find exactly what he needs in a handlebar grip.

I look for something that fits my hands perfectly, especially when I have to grip really hard to pump those pedals in order to pick up the speed. Other types of bike hand grips that I have tried do not feel comfortable after I grip them for a while. My hands would start to cramp up and hurt. I could not get my hands to to a comfortable position, and I had put a lot of pressure on the sensitive areas on my palm. Then when I release my grip for a little relieve, I lose my momentum. I said to myself that there has got to be a better way.

I needed a grip that I can grip on for a long length of time without my hand cramping up or hurting after a while. After my friend told me about the grips from Ergon, I went to my favorite bike shop to try the Ergon grips that they had in stock. I found one that felt really comfortable in my hands. I ride on all sorts of terrain. I needed a grip that is suitable for riding on flat plains or steep terrains. The person at the bike shop told me how the grip can be adjusted.

I needed a grip that is easy on my wrist. As long as my hands and wrists are comfortable during my ride, I can go on for hours. My new grip from Ergon gives my palm full contact, so the pressure on my palm is distributed evenly instead of just at specific points. Sensitive nerves along my wrist are not strained. My ride is a lot more comfortable.

So, I have been using the grips from Ergon for a couple months. During this time, I biked everywhere, for hours at a time, over all types of terrain while knowing also ergon grip reviews. My hands and arms do not hurt anymore.
I am so glad that friend introduced me to the Ergon hand grips. I did not realize what a big difference they would make in my biking experience. It was like night and day. Now, I can ride for hours without feeling the tension on my hands, wrists and arms. I do not end the day with aches. I told my friend what a great suggestion he gave me. He was really glad to hear that because next year, he wants to get some riders together for a cross-country bike trip. I am ready for it!

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